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Water Heater Replacement

How Long Should It Take To Install?

Water heater replacement should not be a big deal – especially if you are replacing your old unit with a similar model. On average, it takes a professional two to three hours to replace one tank system with a new one. In the same way, it takes one to three hours to replace one tankless model with a new one. However, things start to get tricky when you switch water heater types. For example, it will take longer to transition from a tank to a tankless water heater. This is because your current plumbing structure will need several upgrades for the system to operate correctly. When it comes to water heater replacement, you need a company you can trust. You need Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing!

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Getting a new A/C is a huge deal. Nick at Green Leaf made it almost effortless. The team (Mikey, Daniel, Raul and Victor) showed up and knocked out a pretty huge job in a day. They were so great from start to finish. They were so knowledgeable and dare I say “fun” to have around all day? They get the hugest marks from me. If you need a new hvac do yourself a solid and get Green Leaf to help you out.

Prepare For Water Heater Replacement

Signs That Your Water Heater Is On Its Way Out

You may plan to push water heater replacement out as far as possible. Still, some signs of failure spell disaster for your home if you wait. Knowing when to replace your water heater is vital as a homeowner if you want to avoid stressful situations like flooding. Keep reading to learn about some common indicators that it is time to replace your water heater.

Leaks happen for different reasons, but often they result from the integrity of your water tank. Leaking from the tank causes pooling around the unit. The cause of this leak could be any number of things but watch out for a corroded or cracked water tank. If the tank has been damaged, it’s time for a replacement.

Cloudy or rust-colored hot water is another sign that you need to replace your water heater. The cloudy water is from built-up mineral deposits in the system. Likewise, rust-colored water means that there are rust deposits inside the pipes or tank. As deposits build up, corrosion begins to occur, and leaks become inevitable.

Hot water shortages and varying water temperatures are also excellent reasons for replacement. If you struggle to get hot water or it’s taking a long time to heat up, expect electrical problems or sediment buildup around the burner. While this is an early sign that you need a replacement, it is avoidable with annual maintenance. Similarly, systems that cannot hold a consistent temperature need to be replaced.

Popping or rumbling sounds indicate sediment buildup inside your tank. These noises will get louder as the system ages. The tank’s mineral formation hardens and thickens as the water heater has to use more energy to do its job. If left alone, this problem will lead to leaks and cracks in your system.

You can always tell it is time for water heater replacement by out-of-hand energy bills. As the system gets older, it is natural for parts to wear out. However, once repair bills start stacking up to cost more than 50% of what a new unit would, it is time for a replacement.

Plenty of signs can warn you that water heater failure is coming. Call Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing if you are ready for a water heater replacement or have any questions. Our water heater experts will be more than happy to find a solution to your problem.

The Life Expectancy Of A Water Heater

What Shortens Its Life And How You Can Extend It

The life expectancy of your water heater will depend on what type of system you have. For example, systems that have tanks have a life expectancy of 10 – 15 years. Tankless water heaters, however, have a life expectancy extending beyond 20. While life expectancies may vary, a few minutes of maintenance once a year can prolong the life of any water heater.

Many factors will reduce the lifespan of your water heater. Sediment and mineral buildup are the most significant reasons for failure. The type of water heater you have does not matter. Hard water wreaks havoc on any home appliance it touches. To rid your system of sediment and limescale, you should flush it twice a year.

Another significant factor is the anode rod. This rod runs down the center of your tank and protects your system from corrosive elements. The anode prevents corrosion in your tank by drawing in minerals and letting them corrode the rod instead of your tank. Unfortunately, the nature of this job means they erode quickly and need replacement often. Failing to replace the anode rod increases corrosion and will put your water heater in the grave.

You buy a water heater intending to use it for a certain amount of time. Keeping up with the maintenance tasks is the only way to ensure it lasts. If you need help or are still trying to figure out where to start, give Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing a call. We would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Major Water Heater Malfunction

Should You Replace Your Hot Water Heater Before It Fails?

When it comes to water heater replacement, committing to a new water heater before the old unit has failed is challenging. Especially when money is tight, you may be reluctant to replace it before complete failure. However, it is important to remember that all water heaters fail. Waiting until it does is a bad idea and can have disastrous and expensive consequences. At Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing, we value saving you money and finding unique solutions. We know you want to get the most out of your water heater‘s lifetime value. Still, waiting until total system failure may be more trouble than it is worth.

There are several reasons preemptive water heater replacement can be beneficial. First, a water heater emergency could force your hand on a quick decision. Replacing a water heater comes with a lot of careful considerations. For example, you will not have time to decide between a tank or tankless model in an emergency. You won’t have time to explore fuel types or newer options. You’re stuck with the first model and installation company you come across. Preemptive replacement provides comfort and confidence. You know you have the best system for your needs because you had enough time to consider your options.

Additionally, a failed system will leave you without hot water until you can replace it. This could take anywhere from several hours to several days. Preemptive water heater replacements, on the other hand, have the benefit of planning. They take place at a convenient time and will only take a couple of hours.

Finally, Newer models are more efficient and can lower your utilities. Depending on your water heater, it will start losing efficiency between years 5-15. Replacing it with a newer model will reduce your energy bills and risk of water heater repair.

As you can see, there are many reasons to replace your water heater before it fails. While it may seem more expensive now, it pays for itself in reduced energy costs and repair bills. Plus, you have the added benefit of carefully selecting the system you need and the company you want to install it. If you need water heater replacement, call Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing today.

Types of Water Heaters

Finding A System That Fits Your Needs

You have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a new water heater. Consider all your options before purchasing one. You want a unit that fits your needs while also maintaining efficiency. The amount of hot water you need will play a significant role in this decision. The type of water heater you get will determine how much hot water you have and how much energy you use.

Storage tank models are the most common type of water heater used in US homes. They have insulated tanks that hold hot water for when you need it. They work well for everyday use and are less likely to freeze in the winter. Still, you can run out of water if the need increases or you have visitors.

Unlike their tank counterparts, tankless water heaters do not store hot water. Instead, they push cold water over a heat exchanger (or two) and warm it as it flows to its destination. When sized correctly for your home, there should be more than enough hot water. Still, you should be careful about running several hot water appliances simultaneously. This type of water heater can get overwhelmed in high demand and push out cold water.

Heat pump water heaters are a less common and newer option. They can operate on as little as 40% of the energy other kinds of water heaters need. This is possible because they do not create heat; instead, they capture it from the air and transfer it to the water.

Finally, condensing water heaters are an excellent option for households that need a capacity larger than 55 gallons. This system captures the heat that would otherwise escape in the exhaust and uses it to heat the water. They operate more efficiently than other models because they recycle heat energy instead of wasting it.

Lots of factors play into choosing the right water heater. Before you start, consider calling an expert at Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to help you find a suitable unit.

When selecting the best water heater for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Fuel type will significantly impact annual operating costs and the size of water heater you need.
  • Have a rough estimate of how much water your household uses. Having enough hot water and maximizing efficiency depend on it being the correct size for your water needs.
  • Look for models that have the most extended manufacturer warranties. These units are usually equipped with larger elements to speed up heating and increase protection against corrosion. Glass-lined tanks also reduce corrosion. While these units can be a touch more expensive, they are worth the investment and save money. 
  • Always check the energy star rating of an appliance before purchasing it to maximize monthly savings.

Green Leaf, Water Heater Replacement Specialists In Austin, Texas

Quality Plumbing Service Company You Can Trust To Do The Job Right

Finding a plumbing company that you can trust takes time and effort. Most show up late, overcharge you, or even complete work you never wanted. You never have to worry about this when you think green. Green Leaf offers competitive, upfront pricing while also guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. Our skills and knowledge of plumbing are the cornerstones of our business. However, what sets us apart, is our dedication to providing excellent customer service.

If you are having issues with your water heater or need water heater replacement do not wait to call. Our certified experts can handle any water heater issue you have. We are happy to answer any questions, so give us a call today.

DIY vs Professional Water Heater Replacement

Why You Should Hire A Plumbing Specialist

Water heater replacement is a significant investment. It is common to want to do your own installation as a way to save money, but DIY replacement should be avoided. Without the proper background, you could hurt yourself as well as the integrity of your house. Hiring a professional plumber is always the best course of action for water heater replacement. It saves you a lot of time, money, and frustration. Below we will talk about the benefits of hiring a professional plumber.

Each kind of water heater has different instructions for safety reasons. They will vary based on whether it has a tank or what fuel source it consumes. With DIY installations, you cannot be sure that everything is correct. With a professional, however, you can be sure that safety measures were followed to the letter. You won’t have to worry about the integrity of your house or hurting yourself because you have an expert on the job.
Insurance is a big part of this factor as well. Plumbers carry insurance that protects your home in case of an emergency during installation. There is a lot of room for error in this type of project. If you are not careful, you could end up causing damages to your home that your insurance will not cover. Unfortunately, it is common for insurance companies to negate coverage if you install or repair your own water heater. That is why it is always best to stick with someone who knows what they are doing.
Without a background in plumbing, this project could take several days to complete. That means you are out of hot water until you finish the installation. Working with a professional means you have a timetable for completing the project. Additionally, professionals have the experience to complete the job in a few hours. Rather than becoming frustrated with a complex plumbing project, hire a Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing specialist.
Replacing your water heater would be easier if you could seek expert advice. So many factors play into efficiency that choosing a unit is more complex. Different fuel sources, models, and water heater sizes make it difficult to address your needs. Without the help of a professional, it can become overwhelming. A certified plumber knows how to calculate the heating capacity and tank size. They know the ideal temperature settings and can avoid installation errors due to their experience. In the end, professional water heater replacement will save you tons of money on repairs and premature failure.
The most significant benefit of hiring a professional is that they know, without a doubt, what they are doing. Improper installation techniques are one of the biggest concerns for DIY replacements. Doing it yourself can damage your home with leaks and energy waste if you are not careful. If these problems are not addressed quickly, repair bills will stack up, and your water heater will fail. Additionally, undetected leaks cause mold to grow, bringing its own stack of bills.
It is always best to hire a professional if you’re looking for water heater replacement. Many states have made it illegal to install your own water heater. This is not the case in Texas, but you must have a permit to start the project. Once you finish, the city must inspect it to ensure it meets code requirements. A lot of times, replacing your water heater can be more trouble than it is worse. We see a lot of reasons to hire a professional and only one reason to do it yourself. Money. Even if you are considering DIY, chat with a plumbing water heater replacement expert to see how Green Leaf can help.