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Green leaf is passionate about helping save you money. We know how important it is to be comfortable in your home. However, as systems become more complicated, it gets harder to understand what you want. Smart technology is always getting smarter, just like thermostats. It would help to have a team of trained technicians in your corner that is up to date on all things HVAC but also cares about people.

Our smart thermostats include a 5-year warranty on any product purchased from Green Leaf. That is three years longer than most electronic stores. So call a Green Leaf technician and find out how we can help you save money and live smarter.

Mukund Kidambi
Mukund Kidambi
Arrived 20 minutes after I called and sorted out the issue within the hour. Very friendly and professional. An easy recommendation.
Charlie was here great job
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Andria Dowie
Our technician Mark W was very thorough and found the issue quickly. He was happy to help and went above and beyond to fix it and make us happy customers. You can tell he loves what he does and that made an otherwise not so happy time a great experience.
Jill Freitas
Jill Freitas
Mark was fantastic! He checked everything and figured out the issue quickly. He was able to explain everything to me step by step to me and when fixed it the next day very quickly. I highly recommend this company and Mark to fix anything electric in your home.
L Otis Ellis
L Otis Ellis
Awesome company indeed
Diane Michel
Diane Michel
Blake came today and fixed my furnace. What a nice young man!! I highly recommend Blake - VERY pleased!
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Daniel Roberts
Blake was very professional and did a wonderful job.
Tim Hermes
Tim Hermes
Daniel arrived exactly on time. He was knowledgeable and very communicative the entire time. This was our second time using Grean Leaf and it won’t be the last. They were fast, professional, friendly and identified the problem quickly. Thankful to have our system back up and running.
Getting a new A/C is a huge deal. Nick at Green Leaf made it almost effortless. The team (Mikey, Daniel, Raul and Victor) showed up and knocked out a pretty huge job in a day. They were so great from start to finish. They were so knowledgeable and dare I say “fun” to have around all day? They get the hugest marks from me. If you need a new hvac do yourself a solid and get Green Leaf to help you out.

Thermostats: The Brain of Your Home’s HVAC Unit

How Green Leaf Can Help Optimize Your System

Are you looking for a way to lower your energy consumption rate? Believe it or not, your thermostat can be a significant part of that equation. Thermostats control everything your HVAC unit does. It tells the a/c when to cool, the heater when to heat, and so much more. Unfortunately, faulty thermostats can increase energy intake by allowing the system to run indefinitely. This indicates that it is time to upgrade your thermostat, and Green Leaf is here to help.

Call a certified Green Leaf technician. We can help you find the right thermostat for your current HVAC unit and efficiency needs. We can then install the system quickly and correctly– even maintaining or making repairs.

We offer only the best in smart thermostat technology.  Our brands have been picked based on which ones will save you the most money. Our top sellers are the Ecobee and NEST thermostats, however, we offer the ComfortLinkTM II.

The Science of Thermostats

How They Work and What They Do For You

A thermostat controls both your heating and cooling system. This gives it a lot of power. It uses sensors to track the temperature of a room and determine when it should turn the system off. The temperature depends on how you set it. This is also how the thermostat determines what temperature of air is needed. Once the room reaches its desired temperature, the system shuts off.

Thermostats send signals through wires. These wires connect to different parts of the HVAC system in your house. You can think of the thermostat as a brain. It sends electrical signals to various parts of the HVAC unit, making it behave a certain way.

Smart systems work similarly. The one main difference being they connect to your phone. A smart thermostat allows you to control the system on your phone in different ways. For example, not only can you set the temperature from your phone, but you can schedule it. There are also various bonus features included in the smart thermostats offered by Green Leaf that we will talk about further down.

Ditch your old thermostat and upgrade to a smart thermostat!

What Makes Some Products “Smarter” Than Others

We Meet You Where You Are At

You can control your smart thermostat with anything that connects to wifi. That could include a phone, tablet, or watch. You can set schedules based on time, day, or specific cycles. Of course, your options for scheduling depend on the system. Some smart thermostats learn your temperature control preferences. The Nest, for example, can understand your climate control habits in a few days. It adjusts how the system operates as it learns your patterns.

The best smart systems incorporate diagnostic features, such as the EcoBee and NEST thermostats. They can detect something wrong with your system and warn you when repairs are needed. They can also remind you when it is time for HVAC maintenance or when it’s time to change your filter.

Green Leaf only offers the most efficient smart thermostat technology. For example, NEST provides detailed insight into your energy consumption. Being more aware of efficiency helps save you money. The Ecobee smart thermostat, also offered by Green Leaf, includes Alexia. There is a built-in speaker, so you do not need to buy one. You can add things to your grocery list or audibly adjust your thermostat settings. This thermostat increases the efficiency of your time and makes life easier.

Easily control the climate of your home. Work smarter, not harder.

Choosing The Right Product for You

Thermostats That Make Your Life Easier

Systems are getting more and more advanced every year. Choosing the right thermostat for your home can be confusing. There are many different brands you can choose from with varying bonus features. No two smart thermostats are the same. They all work best under different circumstances. The right thermostat will not only keep your home comfortable, but it will save you money. Green Leaf HVAC experts are happy to help you find the right thermostat.

Here are some steps to take that make selecting a new thermostat easy:

Before you can do anything, you need to know what kind of HVAC system you have. Not all systems work with every thermostat. The most common type of HVAC unit is central a/c and heating. Still, other types of units, such as heat pumps, will have different requirements. Most thermostats are compatible with central air units. The problem comes into play when buying a new thermostat for a high-voltage or 24-millivolt system. Zoned units will also have special requirements because they control several independent systems. Therefore they need a thermostat specifically designed to do that.

These days most technology is smart. That is why you should think about how you want to integrate smart thermostat technology. Many smart thermostats also come with smart home integrations, such as Amazon’s Alexa. You can adjust thermostat settings by voice command. You can also have her link your thermostat to other home technology like smart windows and lights. Your system can then close the windows while the A/C is on. Alexia is one of many integrations. There are also other options for integration, such as with Google Home.

Getting a consistent temperature in your home is easier than ever these days. Traditional thermostats only measure the room’s air temperature in the room where they are located. Air that goes to the rest of the house is not measured. As a result, the air handler shuts down once the main room reaches the desired temperature, regardless of where the rest of the house sits. Smart thermostats are revolutionizing the way we control air. Thermostats such as the Ecobee, offered by Green Leaf, come with sensors in each room. Each one communicates wirelessly with the central unit. The thermostat takes an average of the temperature readings provided by the sensors. It then uses that average to decide how much cooling or heating power it needs.

The thermostat also uses sensors to track when the house is empty. They can adjust the temperature when it’s occupied. It is a massive part of how they learn your patterns and heating and cooling needs.

Always look for the Energy Star certification when purchasing a new piece for any part of your HVAC unit. A smart thermostat is no different. Thermostats with an Energy Star rating will increase your system’s efficiency. They will also save you money on energy bills. This rating proves that the system has high-efficiency levels in various climates.

Energy Star-rated thermostats go into low-power standby mode when not in use. If everyone switched to a smart thermostat, they would also cut back on 13 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

When it comes to installing a smart thermostat, you have a lot of options. It can feel overwhelming. Luckily there is an entire team of expert HVAC technicians who want to answer your questions. Green Leaf technicians always ensure you have the right system installed. You should always be careful when attempting to install your own thermostat. Trying installation without the proper knowledge and skills is never a good idea. Thermostats installed incorrectly can cause severe problems to your thermostat. If you are considering investing in a smart thermostat, call the experts at Green Leaf today.