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If you need tankless water heater repair or installation, you have come to the right place. Finding a technician is hard, especially when you are unsure if you need to call a plumber or electrician. Contrary to popular belief, you do call a plumber for tankless water heater repair and installation – even if it is an electric system.

With Green Leaf HVAC and plumbing, you never have to worry about the job being done correctly. Our certifications exceed what Texas requires because we want to be ready for any problem. We are always more than happy to show you our certifications and insurance. Furthermore, we will always write a contract for everything to be done before starting work for tankless water heater repair and installation or any plumbing work. It is important to us that we are always on the same page and you receive the services you need.

Mukund Kidambi
Mukund Kidambi
Arrived 20 minutes after I called and sorted out the issue within the hour. Very friendly and professional. An easy recommendation.
Charlie was here great job
Andria Dowie
Andria Dowie
Our technician Mark W was very thorough and found the issue quickly. He was happy to help and went above and beyond to fix it and make us happy customers. You can tell he loves what he does and that made an otherwise not so happy time a great experience.
Jill Freitas
Jill Freitas
Mark was fantastic! He checked everything and figured out the issue quickly. He was able to explain everything to me step by step to me and when fixed it the next day very quickly. I highly recommend this company and Mark to fix anything electric in your home.
L Otis Ellis
L Otis Ellis
Awesome company indeed
Diane Michel
Diane Michel
Blake came today and fixed my furnace. What a nice young man!! I highly recommend Blake - VERY pleased!
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts
Blake was very professional and did a wonderful job.
Tim Hermes
Tim Hermes
Daniel arrived exactly on time. He was knowledgeable and very communicative the entire time. This was our second time using Grean Leaf and it won’t be the last. They were fast, professional, friendly and identified the problem quickly. Thankful to have our system back up and running.
Getting a new A/C is a huge deal. Nick at Green Leaf made it almost effortless. The team (Mikey, Daniel, Raul and Victor) showed up and knocked out a pretty huge job in a day. They were so great from start to finish. They were so knowledgeable and dare I say “fun” to have around all day? They get the hugest marks from me. If you need a new hvac do yourself a solid and get Green Leaf to help you out.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Tank VS Tankless

Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand or instantaneous water heaters. Unlike tanked water heaters, tankless heaters do not keep hot water in reserves. Instead, the water heats instantaneously once you go to use it. The water is heated as it flows through the system to your pipes. When you turn on the hot water faucet, cold water flows through the heat exchanger. Depending on your fuel source, an electrical element or the combustion process heats the water. From there, it continues to your faucet.
Tankless water heaters benefit from being about 10% more efficient than their tank counterparts. They do not have to keep water reserves warm, so they reduce standby energy consumption. Instantaneous water heaters also have the benefit of never waiting for the reserve tank to fill up to have hot water. The downside of this, however, is that the water heater’s flow rate limits the amount of hot water you can access. Gas heaters have a faster flow rate than electric ones. Still, on average, you only get between two and five gallons per minute. While two to five gallons may seem like a lot, it can easily overwhelm your water heater. The unit will typically get overwhelmed when you need hot water in several places at once. For example, running the dishwasher while someone takes a shower could be problematic. It could be even more challenging for two people to shower at the same time.

Understanding the ins and outs of tankless water heaters can get messy. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a system that needs to put out more water. So before making any decisions, call an expert plumber for your tankless water heater repair and installation at Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing.

Why Is Water Heater Installation So Expensive

The Truth About Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation

Tankless water heaters usually come out to be about twice as much as a traditional water heater. It is normal to wonder why they are so expensive. Replacing an on-demand unit is extensive work. It’s not unusual to need thicker gas lines. Even if it is electric, you will need to either install a new outlet or run covered power lines near the unit. Additionally, most tankless water heaters require a new condensate line and cannot use the same vents as traditional water heaters.

As you can see, tankless water heater installation is more than replacing the old unit. There is a lot of extensive work that requires specialized skill and knowledge.

Tankless water heater installation is a very specialized service. Any time a service is highly specialized, it is expensive. Still, that does not mean you should risk doing the tankless water heater repair and installation yourself to save money. Tankless water heater installation involves electricity, flammable gas, and searing hot water. There is a lot of room for error, and the results of improper installation can be explosive (literally). In fact, most places around the US require professional installation.

Texas allows you to install your water heater, but you must obtain a permit. You must also have it inspected by your local municipality to ensure that it meets code requirements. There are a lot of codes and requirements that go into getting your installation up to code. Without a plumbing background, tracking them all is challenging. That is the benefit of a certified plumber. They have the skills to install any tankless water heater. Quality tankless water heater repair and installation technicians like the ones at Green Leaf stay up to date on city codes, so you never have to worry.

Furthermore, credible plumbers are insured. This insurance protects the homeowner in case of a problem arising from installation. The other side of this means that doing the tankless water heater repair and installation yourself does not protect you or your home. The manufacturer warranty on your system requires professional installation, so you will likely void it. You are also risking your home insurance because most policies do not cover damages caused by a tankless water heater you installed.

When installing a tankless water heater, hiring a professional is always a good idea. A company like Green Leaf is full of accredited plumbing contractors. They are more than qualified to fit you with the perfect water heater and install it to perfection.

Quality Maintenance Means A Tankless Water Heater That Lives Longer

How Regular Service From A Quality Plumber Increases Life Expectancy

A manufacturer can only estimate the life expectancy of an appliance based on the average use and upkeep. Tankless water heaters need less maintenance than most. Still, preventative service is vital in prolonging its life. A traditional water heater will run for 10 to 12 years. This is because it is constantly coming in contact with water. On the other hand, instantaneous water heaters can last for 20+ years. The difference comes from the tankless nature of instantaneous units. Because they do not store water, they experience less water-based corrosion. This leads to fewer part replacements and repairs.

Circumstances that affect the longevity of your water heater are the water’s quality and the installation’s location. Where you install your tankless water heater makes a difference. For example, units installed in garages or crawl spaces will experience more difficulty heating your water. However, the bigger problem is hard water. Hard water gets its name because it is hard on appliances and pipes. It refers to magnesium and calcium deposits in water that sticks to metal and builds up. This build-up is terrible for your appliances and can cause irreparable damage. Many households in areas with hard water have water softener systems in place. These systems clean the water and remove harmful deposits. If you are experiencing hard water, you will notice limescale building up around your faucets, on the bathtub’s surface, or even around the water dispenser on your refrigerator.

Tankless units do not require as much maintenance, but less does not mean zero. Find a qualified company you can trust for your tankless water heater repair and installation needs.

Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Like any other appliance, a tankless water heater has to be well maintained to reach its potential. In fact, proper maintenance is the best way to extend your unit’s life. Typically it is best to have your water heater serviced by a professional at least once a year. However, consider having it serviced twice a year if the temperature is set high. This is because systems that operate at a higher temperature have more room to malfunction.

Austin and Round Rock residents may want to have their water heaters serviced twice a year. Areas that live with more hard water take more damage to their appliances. While Austin water is not excessively hard, the water here may still cause damages to your system over time. Without a water softener, limescale builds up faster damaging your water heater.

Tankless systems have a limited list of maintenance tasks compared to other water heaters and HVAC units. Below are a few of the most common.

Most tankless water heaters have a water line that keeps hard water, scale, and sediment from passing through to the rest of your plumbing. As these contaminants build up in the filter, it has a harder time performing. The type of water line filter depends on the kind of tankless water heater you have. Some of them are replaceable, while others must be cleaned.

Some natural gas tankless water heaters have an extra filter between the air intake pipe and the fan. This filter traps dust and debris. Unfortunately, over time debris builds up and blocks airflow.

Descaling is the most time-consuming and difficult part of tankless water heater maintenance. Even with the water line filter and a water softener, limescale builds up. Therefore, it is a good idea to descale and flush your system once a year.

Use a combination of white vinegar and a descaling solution to remove the limescale. In order to cycle the vinegar through the system, you will need a submersible pump. After 45 minutes, you can flush the water heater by attaching a garden hose to the hot service valve.

At Green Leaf, we want you to enjoy your tankless water heater for many years. That is why we stress maintenance so hard. You can perform most of the necessary tasks for tankless water heater maintenance. However, hiring a professional tankless water heater repair and installation has the added benefit of having expert eyes watch over it. A professional plumber can ensure your tankless water heater is running as well as it should.

Common Causes of Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation

Troubleshoot The Problem Before You Waste Hundreds On Repairs

Tankless water heaters are an excellent investment for your home. They save energy by only heating water when needed and can keep operating for a long time. Unfortunately, while problems with your on-demand water heater are rare, they are not unheard of. Therefore, troubleshooting problems is essential to maintaining any tankless water heater. Below are some of the most common issues to affect tankless water heaters and what you can do.

This problem is based entirely on your system’s flow rate and capacity to heat. If you have too many hot water applications running simultaneously, your system will not be able to keep up. When your water heater cannot meet demand, it puts out cold water.

You may have to schedule out when you use hot water appliances to keep this from happening. Hot water appliances include things like the shower, washing machine, or dishwasher. Keeping track of what appliances you have on when the issue occurs is beneficial. You can then avoid using them at the same time. Of course, this is not a long-term solution. Unfortunately, the only permanent fix is to add another tankless system. You can also consider whether a larger system would make a difference. Still, the bigger system can also be overwhelmed.

Tankless water heaters have to be able to manage combustion air and venting to function. Therefore, your unit will likely display an error code and not operate if your air supply or exhaust is blocked. This safety feature protects you from explosions or toxic gas leaks.

To troubleshoot this problem, start by inspecting all the vent pipes. This will ensure they are puncture and crack-free as well as securely connected. Next, you should review the vents to ensure they are clear of critters, nests, and insects. Also, check your owner’s manual to confirm the location of your unit meets clearance requirements. Tankless water heaters need a certain amount of space to pull in air and exhaust. Being installed too close to other things can turn into a problem.

There are quite a few problems that could prevent your water heater from igniting. Most likely, this failure comes from a break in the gas supply. Before going any further, check that your fuel source is open all the way. If your water heater is not getting enough gas, it will not be able to heat water. Anything beyond this is going to need professional attention. If your tankless water heater fails to ignite, it is time to call a Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing tankless water heater repair and installation specialist.


Differences Between Types of Tankless Water Heaters

Condensing and Non-Condensing Units

There are many different models of tankless water heaters. Knowing the difference can get confusing with varying information on the internet. At the end of the day, there are only two different types of on-demand water heaters: Condensing and Non-condensing.

Condensing water heaters have two heat exchangers instead of one. They pull heat out of the exhaust before venting what remains. It recycles and reuses heat to cut back on energy consumption. This method of heating saves you a lot of money. Even though they are more expensive upfront, they are less costly to install. This is because they don’t need new flue pipes and ventilation upgrades.

Non-condensing tankless water heaters also use a heat exchanger to create warmth. However, in this system, there is only one. Their flue pipes and vents must be stainless steel to sustain the extreme heat. This factors into their high installation costs. During the heating process, hot exhaust is produced and vented directly outside. Unlike the condensing unit, non-condensing water heaters do not recycle heat. This is the main reason they are less efficient than their counterparts.

Like other kinds of home appliances, tankless water heaters can use electricity, natural gas, or propane as fuel. You can get a condensing or non-condensing water heater in any one of these fuel sources. The type of fuel your water heater uses will make a difference in how much it costs to operate. Natural gas water heaters are the most common choice for families because they have a larger heating capacity and flow rate. Propane units are used in places that do not have great access to natural gas.

Professional Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation Service

Worry-Free, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Quality HVAC and Plumbing

Having a trusted plumber to help you choose and install the right tankless water heater is so important. There are a lot of options out there and a lot of opportunities for error. Choosing the right plumber for your tankless water heater repair and installation can make all the difference. Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing guarantee satisfaction with your tankless water heater repair and installation. Quality service is what sets us apart from the rest. The skills we’ve earned through repetition and experience are icing on top of the cake. So call Green Leaf for your tankless water heater repair and installation, and we will ensure the job gets done right the first time.
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