HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance Plans

Affordable and Professional Tune-Ups and Services

Green Leaf Maintenance Plans

At Green Leaf A/C and Heating, we offer affordable and professional tune-ups and services for both heating and cooling systems. Homeowners need to realize the importance of making sure that their HVAC systems are properly maintained. When they aren’t, they could be using up a lot of energy just to keep the home comfortable or end up needing expensive repairs or even a costly replacement. During a tune-up appointment, our team thoroughly inspects the system to be sure that all parts and components are working as efficiently as possible. If there is a problem, we can detect it and get it taken care of early on before it gets worse. Our maintenance plans are available for residential as well as commercial customers. By checking the system, it gives you a better idea of the condition of your system do help determine the life span of the unit.

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22 Point Inspection for A/C & Heating

Air Conditioning System Tune-Up Checklist

  • Check Pressure Levels
  • Check Coil Temp and Condenser Temp
  • Check Compressor Amp
  • Check Fan Amp Draw
  • Lubricate Fan if needed
  • Inspect Drive Belts
  • Inspect & Blow out Drain Lines
  • Check Temp Differentials
  • Check Capacitors MFD ratings
  • Inspect Compressor Amp Draw
  • Inspect Pressure Safety Switches
  • Check All Mechanical Components
  • Check Thermostat & Calibration if needed
  • Check SubCool & SuperHeat
  • Inspect Coils & clean Condenser Coils, (If easily accessible, Pricing may Vary)
  • Check to see that all units are code compliant to current requirements.
  • Inspect Filters (Customer must Provide One)
  • Inspect Drain Pans
  • Check Voltage
  • Check LRA
  • Check Overall Age and Condition
  • Inspection of Return, Plenum, and Duct for obvious signs of rips, tears, & air leaks.
Furnace Installation by a Worker

Heating System Tune-Up Checklist

  • Inspect Pilot & Ignitors
  • Check Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • Check Thermostat Calibrations
  • Inspect & check Heater Elements
  • Check Gas valve & Water Column
  • Inspect Exhaust piping
  • Check & Replace filters (Provided by Customer)
  • Inspect Burners & Clean IF needed
  • Inspect Duct, Return Air & Duct for obvious signs of rips, air leaks & tears
  • Check Voltage
  • Check unit for any code Compliance issues
  • Check Pressure levels for Electrical Heat pumps.
  • Inspect Drive Belts
  • Check All Mechanical Components
  • Inspect Condition of Heat Exchangers
  • Inspect Capacitors MFD Ratings
  • Lubricate any Fan Motors IF necessary
  • Check LRA
  • Check Overall Age and Condition
  • Inspection of Return, Plenum, and Duct for obvious signs of rips, tears, & air leaks.
  • Check Temp Differentials

**Although this is not Insurance, regular maintenance will help reduce major malfunctions, maximize efficiency, and give you an overall condition of the system.

**For Buying or Selling process a complete heating and cooling inspection is recommended.

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