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HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Green Leaf HVAC Maintenance Plans

At Green Leaf A/C and Heating, we offer affordable and professional HVAC Maintenance Plans for both heating and cooling systems


$99 Per Additional System 


Per month/ $240 Annual
$10 Additional Systems


* Per System 

Monthly: In our monthly maintenance program, our team conducts a comprehensive inspection of your system to ensure optimal efficiency. Early detection of any issues allows us to address them promptly, preventing further deterioration. This program is open to both residential and commercial customers and offers flexible payment options, including monthly or annual plans. Regular checks not only provide insight into your system’s condition but also help gauge its lifespan.

Annual: With our annual membership priced at $199, you’ll receive two visits per year, each featuring a thorough 21-point tune-up. This comprehensive service ensures that your system operates at its peak efficiency, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and prolonging its lifespan. Available for both residential and commercial customers, our annual membership offers exceptional value and peace of mind.

One time: Our one-time tune-up offers a focused system check, distinct from our 21-point tune-up Per System. While the 21-point tune-up provides an extensive examination of your system’s components and performance, the one-time tune-up is specifically designed as a basic inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly. This streamlined service is ideal for those seeking a quick assessment without the full scope of the comprehensive maintenance provided in our 21-point tune-up. Whether you opt for the detailed inspection or the simplified system check, we’re here to cater to your maintenance needs.

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