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Ductwork can begin deteriorating after five years which is why it needs extra attention and ductwork repair services. The best way to extend its life is by finding an HVAC company you trust to ensure it is installed and maintained well. Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing can be your company in the Austin and Round Rock, Texas, area. Our ductwork repair, installation, and replacement specialists are ready to help with any need you have. So, are you ready to save?

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Maintaining The Unseen Parts Of Your System

How Our Team Goes Above And Beyond

Regarding your HVAC health, ductwork repair is often overlooked because it is out of sight. However, this is not true at Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing. We understand how vital ductwork is in maintaining an energy-efficient household. That is why we care if old or insufficient ductwork costs you hundreds of dollars annually.

Green Leaf helps you save money by offering a variety of ductwork repair and related services. Our specialized technician’s repair, replace, or maintain ductwork – even in a commercial building.

We also guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. Air is our industry, but customer satisfaction is what sets us apart. We will always do whatever we can to answer your questions and fit you with the correct duct system.

Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger. Call for a Green Leaf ductwork repair, replacement, and installation service specialist today!

AC Unit and Ducts in the Basement

What is Ductwork?

Why Air Ducts Are So Important To Your HVAC System

Ductwork plays a significant role in controlling the temperature of your house. Air handling systems, also known as a heater or a/c, either heats or cools the air, depending on which unit is in use. Air is then pushed through the ducts to control your home’s temperature. There are two different kinds of ducts your HVAC uses. Supply ducts send controlled air out into your house. Return ducts pull old air out of the rooms and vent it outside.

You can visualize it anatomically. In this scenario, the air handler is your heart working hard to produce oxygenated blood. Once the blood is ready, it moves through your supply veins to bring oxygen to the rest of your body. Your body then uses return veins to pull the newly non-oxygenated blood back to your heart. Ductwork matters because without it, there would be no way to send controlled air in or pull toxic air out.

Ductwork that is sized, installed, and maintained properly has many benefits. For starters, there is less stress on your HVAC system. It is not losing air in the ducts, so it will not have to produce as much to regulate the temperature. This also means it does not have to work so hard. When you lighten your HVAC’s workload, you extend its life and reduce energy costs. Finally, the overall comfort of your home will increase. Air escaping through faulty ductwork prevents your HVAC unit from maintaining the temperature. You will notice this as cold or hot spots in your home. You may also notice inconsistent temperatures throughout your home.

What Happens If Your Ductwork Is Damaged?

There are several ways ductwork can accumulate damage. However, like most HVAC appliances, neglected maintenance is the quickest. The reasoning is that poor maintenance can cause a lot of damage. For example, it will increase your energy bills, affect indoor air quality, and disrupt the airflow into your home. The added strain will also put unnecessary wear and tear on your air handlers. Damage can come from various things, such as mold and debris buildup, impact damage, critters, and age.

Austin area homes needing ductwork repair for any reason should call Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing. One of our ductwork repair technicians will be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started. Don’t wait for the problem to get more expensive.

Old Duct that Needs Replacement

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Ducts?

How To Know When Ductwork Replacement Is Inevitable

Anyone with central air knows that ductwork is one of the last things you think about when troubleshooting HVAC problems. Ducts are out of sight, out of mind, so they conceal themselves as issues with your a/c or heater. They prevent air from getting where it needs to be. This makes it seem like the unit is not putting out air. Ductwork should run anywhere from 10-25 years. Still, loss of efficiency comes between years ten and fifteen. It would be nice if ductwork operated indefinitely, but unfortunately, it cannot. Knowing the difference between ductwork repair and HVAC problems could save you a lot of money in the long run. Below are common signs that you need ductwork replacement.

As mentioned, ductwork lasts anywhere from 10-25 years if maintained with care. However, it is a different story for its parts and components. As the ductwork ages, it is common for the seals, joints, and seams to deteriorate. As a result, discomfort in your home’s environment will increase while your system’s overall performance decreases.

You should also consider ductwork replacement if it is over 15 years old. While it can continue operating, newer ductwork will run more efficiently and save money.

Excessive dust in the air means that the air is not being filtered. It is also likely to mean that air is entering from somewhere besides the vents. This is a problem because it affects the quality of the air you breathe. Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies, asthma, migraines, organ failure, and cancer.

This is a no-brainer. If you see damage to your ductwork, it is time to call a ductwork replacement specialist. Dents and cracks interfere with air disbursement. They prevent controlled air from making it inside and contribute to inconsistent temperatures. More often than not, you are paying to control the temperature of your attic or basement.

Mold is a serious problem; you should handle it as soon as possible. Leaks around your house or a moldy odor coming from the vents need immediate attention. A Green Leaf professional can help you figure out what to do, but mold is too toxic to breathe. There is no getting around ductwork replacement here. If there is mold in your air ducts, they have to go.

Ductwork should be specifically designed and installed to control the temperature of each room in your home. They should do this all while maintaining optimal energy use and efficiency. If your ductwork is incorrect, you must replace it no matter how old. Improper ductwork installation is America’s leading cause of energy loss and HVAC repairs. It puts extra stress on the HVAC components and will limit efficiency. Even if you are not concerned with additional damage, you are wasting hundreds of dollars in energy a year.

Finding a ductwork replacement specialist you can have confidence in is tough, but when you think Green, you have nothing to worry about. Green Leaf technicians specialize in ductwork replacement and value customer satisfaction. If you believe you are experiencing faulty ductwork, stop paying to heat or cool your attic. Call Green Leaf for all your ductwork repair and replacement services today.

Maintaining Your Ductwork

How To Save Money On Energy Bills

Ductwork maintenance has many benefits. It ensures the value of your home, keeps the temperature comfortable, and saves you money by lowering utility bills and reducing ductwork repair costs. If the ducts are not operating efficiently, then no other part of the HVAC can either. This means you risk the cost of ductwork repair and also your entire HVAC unit. There is no reason to let go of preventative maintenance. Ductwork maintenance is easy, inexpensive, and will keep your HVAC performing efficiently.

Saving money by maintaining your ductwork is easy. First, find and fix cracks in the ducts that could allow air to escape. Air escaping through ductwork accounts for 30% of lost energy in the cooling and heating process. This tip alone could save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy. For similar reasons, you should also seal the joints. Regular duct tape or cloth-backed tape will not cut it long-term. Be sure to get mastic or foil-backed tape if you want the job to last.

Worker Installing Ducts and Insulation
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Insulating and maintaining insulation in your ductwork will also help. Again, this hack reduces costs by preventing air from escaping through the ducts. What you spend controlling the temperature of your attic is horrifying, but ductwork insulation will help. You may also want to consider insulating your attic to further aid in this problem.

Finally, ensuring that the system’s design fits your home will save you a lot of money. Ductwork installed and fit incorrectly cannot operate correctly and will stress your HVAC unnecessarily. The only way to avoid total HVAC failure is to make sure the job is right from the start.

As you can see, there are many ways to save money with proper ductwork. The key is having an HVAC company that you can trust in your back pocket. Residents of the greater Austin area have no reason to worry. Green Leaf HVAC and Plumbing has your back for ductwork repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance service!