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Per month/ $240 Annual
$10 Additional Systems


Monthly: In our monthly maintenance program, our team conducts a comprehensive inspection of your system to ensure optimal efficiency. Early detection of any issues allows us to address them promptly, preventing further deterioration. This program is open to both residential and commercial customers and offers flexible payment options, including monthly or annual plans. Regular checks not only provide insight into your system’s condition but also help gauge its lifespan.

Annual: With our annual membership priced at $199, you’ll receive two visits per year, each featuring a thorough 21-point tune-up. This comprehensive service ensures that your system operates at its peak efficiency, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and prolonging its lifespan. Available for both residential and commercial customers, our annual membership offers exceptional value and peace of mind.

One time: Our one-time tune-up offers a focused system check, distinct from our 21-point tune-up. While the 21-point tune-up provides an extensive examination of your system’s components and performance, the one-time tune-up is specifically designed as a basic inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly. This streamlined service is ideal for those seeking a quick assessment without the full scope of the comprehensive maintenance provided in our 21-point tune-up. Whether you opt for the detailed inspection or the simplified system check, we’re here to cater to your maintenance needs.

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Mukund Kidambi
Mukund Kidambi
Arrived 20 minutes after I called and sorted out the issue within the hour. Very friendly and professional. An easy recommendation.
Charlie was here great job
Andria Dowie
Andria Dowie
Our technician Mark W was very thorough and found the issue quickly. He was happy to help and went above and beyond to fix it and make us happy customers. You can tell he loves what he does and that made an otherwise not so happy time a great experience.
Jill Freitas
Jill Freitas
Mark was fantastic! He checked everything and figured out the issue quickly. He was able to explain everything to me step by step to me and when fixed it the next day very quickly. I highly recommend this company and Mark to fix anything electric in your home.
L Otis Ellis
L Otis Ellis
Awesome company indeed
Diane Michel
Diane Michel
Blake came today and fixed my furnace. What a nice young man!! I highly recommend Blake - VERY pleased!
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts
Blake was very professional and did a wonderful job.
Tim Hermes
Tim Hermes
Daniel arrived exactly on time. He was knowledgeable and very communicative the entire time. This was our second time using Grean Leaf and it won’t be the last. They were fast, professional, friendly and identified the problem quickly. Thankful to have our system back up and running.
Getting a new A/C is a huge deal. Nick at Green Leaf made it almost effortless. The team (Mikey, Daniel, Raul and Victor) showed up and knocked out a pretty huge job in a day. They were so great from start to finish. They were so knowledgeable and dare I say “fun” to have around all day? They get the hugest marks from me. If you need a new hvac do yourself a solid and get Green Leaf to help you out.

A/C Maintenance: What, Why, and How Often Should it Be Done

The Basics of Air Conditioning Maintenance

A/C maintenance can often seem like something extra. It is a nice thought, but only if you can swing it. The Texas reality is this: your A/C works very hard all year round. If you’re not careful, it will give out on you at the worst possible moment. 

Air conditioners keep our living and work spaces cool, but that is not all they do. They also pull impurities like dirt, humidity, and pet dandruff out of the air. Impurities collect on the main components of your a/c and build up over time. This build-up leads to issues with underperformance, inefficiency, and costly repairs. You may even need a whole new system if you wait long enough.

Why do Air Conditioning Systems Need Maintenance?

A/C maintenance increases the lifetime value of your unit.  Your air conditioner can rest easy when it is clean and functions properly.  If done right, it will also reduce your electricity bill. 

The longer your system takes damage, the worse things will get. Expect expensive repairs, but an entirely new system is likely. With every new system, you get a manufacturer warranty.  This warranty is another huge reason to invest in your Air conditioning maintenance. Regular maintenance is a term of most warranties.  Failure to have your system serviced violates the terms of the agreement.  Using a licensed technician is the only way to keep this warranty valid. A manufacturer warranty covers problems that arise due to manufacturer error.  An invalid warranty means you are stuck with the bill for costly repairs, even if it is a problem out of your control.

How Often is Air Conditioning Maintenance Recommended

Texas residents should have their HVAC system serviced twice a year. That is once for your Air Conditioner and once for your heater. The best time to have your AC serviced is in April or May, before the Texas heat hits. Servicing your air conditioner in the spring keeps you from having to live with an underperforming cooling system all summer. It also keeps your air conditioner from working too hard to keep you cool.

Green Leaf makes it easy to forget about ac maintenance and focus on what matters to you. Learn how one of our on-going maintenance plans can save you time and money. Let us help you forget about Air Conditioning Maintenance.

Short-term Savings vs Long-term Costs of Overlooked A/C Maintenance

Keeping your House Cool Should Not Cost and Arm and a Leg

It is easy to think you can save on A/C maintenance by servicing your own system. It is equally tempting to consider skipping maintenance altogether. Both options seem like they should save you money because you do not have to hire a professional to come out. This is a misconception. By denying A/C maintenance, you are risking pricey repairs. You could even be in danger of needing an entirely new air conditioning unit. When your A/C has to work harder to do its job, it requires more energy. When the unit requires more energy, it wears out faster, and your electricity bill goes up. 

We know how important it is to keep costs low right now. That is why we go as far as we need to ensure your A/C is running as well as it should.

Green Leaf: Quality Service that Improves Your Life

When You’re Ready, We’re Here to Help

At Green Leaf, we have a passion for air conditioning. We demonstrate this passion by going past what our competition offers. We meet you where you’re at by taking both commercial and residential appointments. We also keep your needs in mind by gaining certifications to work on any kind of system you have. We offer a more in-depth inspection of your air conditioner because it matters to us if you waste money.

We make A/C maintenance easy with our on-going maintenance plans. Make an appointment with one of our technicians and then forget about it. We will call to remind you that we are coming.

Residential and Commercial A/C Maintenance

What You Can Handle vs What You Should Let a Professional Handle

Maintaining your air conditioner is an essential part of keeping it energy-efficient. Still, it can be tempting to think you can manage it alone. Knowing when to hire a professional for A/C maintenance is very important. If you want a long-lasting, energy-efficient cooling system, you will need some help.

DIY Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning Unit

There are several critical things you can do to maintain your air conditioner:

Knowing When It’s Time To Hire an Expert

Maintaining an air conditioning unit can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. You should hire an expert for any task beyond light cleaning.

Tasks that include things like: 

  • checking the refrigerant
  • looking for leaks
  • measuring airflow, voltage, or pressure
  • testing the electrical elements,

Or anything else that could be dangerous. If you are unsure how to proceed, please call one of our licensed professionals. Green Leaf certified technicians know exactly how to help maintain your air conditioner. We go above and beyond to ensure you get the most out of your AC. Not only do we make sure your unit is clean, but we perform a full 22-point inspection. When you hire Green Leaf to perform your a/c maintenance, no stone is left unturned.