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AC Preventative Maintenance In Austin, Texas

Outdoor AC preventative Maintenance

AC Preventative Maintenance In Austin, Texas

What Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Should You Have Done?

Preventative Maintenance For Your AC System

Keeping Your Austin Home Cool This Summer

AC Preventative maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a cool temperature in your home and lower your heating and cooling costs. On sweltering Austin days, your air conditioning can make or break the feeling of comfort in your home. Your system should only hum discreetly while efficiently circulating cool air throughout the house when everything is optimized. Planned maintenance on your AC system will not only optimize its efficiency but can also prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Research has shown that regular tune-ups on your cooling system can also save you money in the long run since high-efficiency air conditioners can lower electric bills by a considerable amount, but only if they’re kept up properly!

Purpose of AC Preventative Maintenance

Why Is Preventative Maintenance So Important for Air Conditioning Units?

Proactively maintaining your air conditioning system is essential if you want it to keep functioning properly all season long. AC Preventative maintenance lets you kick off the cooling months with reliable and efficient service by maximizing energy efficiency. Preventative maintenance plans are a great way to ensure that your air conditioning stays functional during hot months and maintains pristine indoor air quality for years down the line. With planned maintenance, you can feel comfortable knowing that your AC unit won’t succumb to unanticipated breakdowns! Take a look at all of the ways preventative maintenance on your AC can benefit you:

Prevents Emergency Repair

The last thing anyone wants during a hot Texas summer day is to have their AC breakdown. If you’re experiencing signs of wear and tear on your air conditioning system, it’s important that you take the time to get it fixed right away. These signs could include high indoor humidity levels, hot air blowing instead of cool, or your thermostat displaying inaccurate temperatures. Planned maintenance will help prevent these issues from building up to costly emergency repairs when you need your AC the most. When getting preventative maintenance done on your system, a skilled technician will provide the service needed to ensure that your air conditioner won’t break down in the season ahead. 

Improves Air Quality

Austin summers can be a hard time for people who suffer from allergies. AC preventative maintenance is a great way to preserve a healthy atmosphere for your sinuses in your home. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, and mold can potentially build up and circulate through your home when you turn your AC unit on. Controlling your home’s humidity and performing regular maintenance are key factors in preventing this. A well-maintained AC system will allow your family to breathe easily and feel cool, no matter the weather. 

Increases Your AC Efficiency

A well-maintained AC system means lower energy bills and much fewer breakdowns in the future because it will function more efficiently for longer. In Austin, TX, having a high-efficiency system is important in making sure your home can effectively maintain a constant indoor temperature to keep you and your family comfortable regardless of outdoor temperature fluctuations. AC preventative maintenance keeps your air conditioner running at peak efficiency all year.

Maintenance You Can Perform Yourself

When is DIY AC Maintenance Okay?

Performing simple maintenance on your air conditioning unit is an easy way to prevent emergency repairs, keep the air quality safe, and increase your system’s efficiency. Between your planned maintenance appointments, there are several things you can do yourself to keep your AC running smoothly.

One of the easiest ways to keep up with your air conditioning’s preventative maintenance is to keep your air filters clean. Dirty filters can cause buildups of dirt, dust, and even mold. Additionally, dirty filters can cause air to become restricted, which in turn reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner. The best practice for changing your air filters will be once every 30 to 90 days or you can invest in high-efficiency air filters that will last you up to 12 months. The frequency of needed air filter changes could increase when adding in factors like pet dander, allergies, or seasonal changes.

Keeping your ducts and registers clean is another great way to allow your air system to run smoothly. Dirt and dust can build up and get trapped in registers, so it is important for a homeowner to maintain a clean system. Wiping the registers when finished ensures that dirt and dust won’t accumulate in your home afterward. Cleaning ducts using a vacuum to remove dust and debris is another important step. Your system will last longer and run more efficiently with less debris to cause clogs. You and your family will notice less dust, allergens, and cooler air overall. 

Seasonal changes and weather events can put your outdoor AC unit through all sorts of trials. Freeing the space around your outdoor unit from naturally occurring outdoor debris will allow it to function more efficiently and maximize airflow. You can do this by regularly removing leaves, pollen, dirt, sticks, and rodents from around the unit. Positioning your mower during the mowing season to prevent grass clippings from entering the unit is also a good idea. Leaving at least a two-foot debris area around your unit will also contribute to keeping it clean and efficient whenever you need it.

Keeping supply and return registers clear of any obstacles can also be essential for airflow and maximized efficiency. Removing blockages such as drapes, rugs, or furniture will be important in letting airflow maximize your cooling levels. Preventing a blocked airflow will allow your space to cool down quicker and, by extension, put less pressure on your air conditioning unit.

Preventative Maintenance To Leave To The Pros

What  Can A Maintenance Checkup Look Like?

While it would be nice to do every bit of air conditioning preventative maintenance ourselves, some things on your unit need to be regularly checked by a professional. With such a large piece of machinery involving many moving parts, electronics, and other components, it’s important to have someone trained to look over your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s in working order. Professional maintenance covers all the tasks you can’t do yourself while keeping your air conditioning unit under warranty. It is necessary to ensure your air conditioner is working correctly to safely and efficiently cool your home. Here are a few things a professional can take care of in a routine maintenance appointment:

Check Refrigerant Level And Pressure

Refrigerant is something that should be left to your professional AC maintenance technician. Without proper training, it could be harmful and even fatal for you to handle. A trained technician will be able to check your refrigerant levels and ensure the correct pressure so it will not damage the other parts of your AC unit. This will help prevent refrigerant leaks and keep your AC running efficiently. 

Electrical Tests

Ensuring all electrical components are working correctly is another part of an annual maintenance checkup with a technician. Loose wiring, faulty connections, and malfunctioning wires could cause future issues if not properly addressed. When your professional air conditioning service technician inspects your unit, they will check the volts and amps and even tighten the electrical connections if necessary.

Cleaning Indoor And Outdoor Coils

Clearing any dirt, dust, or grime buildup on the coils of your air conditioning unit will allow the technician to see that the air conditioner is working correctly. While it’s important to clean the coils you can reach during your own maintenance, a qualified technician will be able to provide a more thorough AC preventative maintenance service both indoors and outdoors. In addition, keeping the coils clean and in good working order will allow your air conditioning unit to have proper airflow to your home.

Lubricating Moving Parts

Reducing stress levels of your AC’s motor and other components begins with keeping them properly lubricated. When you have a professional provide annual maintenance to your air conditioning, they will pay specific attention to the compressor motor and moving parts that are essential for cooling performance. These parts can be pricey to repair, so keeping these parts adequately lubricated and inspected will save you money in the long run. 

Clear The Condensate Lines

During your routine maintenance appointment, a technician will check for any blockages or draining issues with your condensate pans. These are responsible for moving excess moisture from condensation, so it is important to keep them running to prevent humidity or blocked airflow. In addition, draining and cleaning these components ensure no overflow will occur, making it an important step in professional air conditioning preventative maintenance.

Thermostat Calibration

In order for the AC to run effectively, the thermostat must read the temperature correctly. While you can set your thermostat yourself and check to see if it’s on, a trained professional will be able to check all electrical components safely. A technician will test the thermostat to make sure it’s cycling on and off properly and recalibrate the thermostat if the temperature isn’t reading correctly.

Affordable AC Preventative Maintenance at Green Leaf

Preventative Care For A Texas Summer

Air conditioning preventative maintenance in Austin is not something to put off when the weather gets hot. While it may not seem necessary if you have a functional or new AC unit, preventative maintenance is often a better financial option than repairing a broken AC system. The key is having a reliable, trained professional team behind all your air conditioning maintenance needs. This way, you can set up a regular maintenance schedule and enjoy your summers without worrying about cooling your home.

Green Leaf AC, Heating, And Plumbing has been the best AC repair in Austin and Round Rock for over a decade. As a full-service, certified and licensed company, we are the one-stop shop for all your cooling needs this summer. We are an exceptionally qualified team with the knowledge and experience required for HVAC solutions in Austin. So save on green this season by using HVAC repair and maintenance from Green Leaf.

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