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AC Maintenance: 9 Summer Hacks to Keep Your Energy Costs Low

AC Maintenance: 9 Summer Hacks to Keep Your Energy Costs Low

Surviving the Austin, Texas Summer with DIY AC Maintenance

Summer AC maintenance is a vital task for all homeowners, no matter where they live. If you’re a Texas homeowner, you know how unpredictable the weather can be, which may spell trouble for your AC unit if left unattended. The hot and humid climate of Austin can be hard on your cooling system.

Green Leaf is here to give you 5 energy-saving tips and a bonus of 4 summer hacks for AC maintenance to help you stay cool, safe, and comfortable all summer long. We’ll even let you know how HVAC maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment and how our AC experts at Green Leaf can make home comfort more attainable for you this summer.

Now, let’s dive in!

Austin, Texas Summers & Cooling Your Home

How the Heat Affects Comfortability

Texas temperatures soar in the summer and are wildly unpredictable. Not only can this be annoying, but it also has real impacts on your home and the appliances that keep it running. For example, if your AC reaches cooling capacity, which is likely to happen in this 100-degree weather, your system’s efficiency decreases. This means that less and less cooling power is available, so it takes more energy to cool your home and ends up costing more.

Additionally, summer heat can breach your home by heating up the windows and seeping in through cracks. If you’re not careful, these impacts the heat has on your home could even end up affecting your utility costs.

Humidity & Cooling Power

Relative humidity has both direct and indirect effects on the cooling power of your AC. Humidity indirectly affects your energy bill by making you feel hotter. This may lead you to lower the thermostat, which raises your electricity bill. 

It can also affect your cooling power and utility bills because it causes condensation to build up on components inside the outdoor unit. Doing so will cause your system to run nonstop, leading to energy waste and less efficient cooling. It directly impacts cooling capacity because while humidity does not directly affect the temperature, it does affect the amount of available energy for cooling.

Increased humidity in your home is often a sign that an HVAC replacement is in your future so give our experts a Green Leaf a call if you’re having trouble regulating the humidity levels in your home.

How to Keep Energy Costs Low

Even without messing with the thermostat, your AC can account for almost half of your summer energy bill. Unfortunately, lowering your thermostat only increases the pressure faced by your HVAC unit. The harder it has to work, the higher your bill each month. Overworked ACs also have the potential to make your home hotter, so instead of messing with the temperature, here are some tips to beat the Austin heat.

  1. Open windows in shaded areas or at night and use fans to circulate air so that your ac can run less frequently and stay at a higher setting.
  2. Turn off the lights during the day and capitalize on natural lighting. Light produces heat and so turning them off reduces how much hot air your AC has to get rid of.
  3. Upgrade the insulation in your attic to reduce the amount of cool air escaping through the attic and to prevent hot air from getting in.
  4. Keep the curtains closed at extreme peaks and use light-shaded blinds that repel heat rather than capturing it.
  5. Stagger how frequently you use large home appliances like a washer, dryer, or stove. These types of machines, especially the stove, generate heat and can make it more difficult to cool your home consistently.

Empower Your Austin, TX, Home with Summer AC Maintenance

4 DIY Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your System Running Strong

The summer sun is barreling down in full force, and your AC could be struggling to keep up. If left to sweat it out, you can pretty much guarantee this will not be your most comfortable summer, and you may even get to know your local AC repair man very well.

If you’re looking to maintain your air conditioner this summer, these four DIY tasks are simple steps you can take to help your HVAC equipment perform better, longer, and with more efficiency. Keep reading to learn how you can best support your AC this summer.

The condenser coils are one of two different coils (the other being evaporator coils) found in an AC unit that complete the heat exchange. Condenser coils are found outside on the outdoor unit, where it takes the heat from inside your home and dissipates it outside. These coils play a vital role in your system — one so important that if left disregarded, condenser failure is inevitable, which usually results in a complete replacement.


Your outdoor AC unit holds some of the most important components of your air conditioner, including the condenser, evaporator, and motor. As we mentioned earlier, protecting them from the hot weather and humidity is important.

Outdoor systems have essential pipes, wires, and lines that must be insulated in order to protect them from damage. Condensation is a big problem for these systems, and keeping them dry is only possible when you insulate the pipes, which is why moisture control is vital to thermal efficiency. Thermal efficiency refers to how effectively AC units can cool. If condensation makes it inside the unit, thermal efficiency is lost, and your equipment cannot cool. 

Replacing the insulation is simple, just pick some up at a hardware store and put it on. Not only will it keep you more comfortable, but it will keep your energy bills low.

This is an easy one. Just power wash the outside of the outdoor unit to get rid of dust and mildew. Be careful not to bend the fins. However, if you do, just bend them back with a fin comb. You can get one at any hardware store.

Cracks, holes, and leaks, no matter where they are located, are a bad sign. Central air systems can account for 30% of energy waste escaping through the air ducts; when there are cracks and holes, more air can escape at a higher rate. When dealing with increased rates of energy waste, your utility bills will surely spike. 

To keep an eye on this, you should inspect your vents and air ducts regularly. If you notice damage, call a specialist. A Green Leaf expert is specialized in duct work repair and can have your air ducts blowing at full capacity and have your energy bills returned to normal in no time.

How DIY Summer Maintenance Can Increase HVAC Lifespan

As we’ve learned, the Texas summer heat can cause havoc for your air conditioning unit. It is important that you keep your system maintained, and it’s not just about staying cool. DIY summer AC maintenance plus professional preventative maintenance can add as much as 10 years to the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. 

Maintenance is vital to your system because your AC works hard. When left unattended, dirt and debris can build up on different mechanics of the unit, slowing it down and increasing the amount of energy it needs to cool your home. 

When your AC needs more energy to operate, your energy bill increases due to the extra electricity or gas being used by the system, your risk of repair increases, and you will end up needing a premature AC replacement.

It’s easy to put off air conditioner maintenance — especially in the summer — but it is actually one of the worst home upkeep chores to postpone. 

Summer AC Service that Keeps On Giving

Stay Cool & Save Green with HVAC Service from Green Leaf

Austin, Texas, summers take a heavy toll on your HVAC System and energy bill. Between the soaring temperatures and high humidity levels, your AC is caught in a perpetual workout cycle. It’s critical that you complete maintenance tasks so that your air handler is motivated to keep your home cool and comfortable. 

Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and use our 9 tips to keep your AC maintenance costs low. Simple things, such as using natural light during the day and upgrading the insulation by your doors and windows, can save you a lot of money in the long run. Completing these tasks will discourage heat from accumulating indoors and lighten your AC’s load so it does not have to work as hard.

You can lighten your AC’s load further by completing several light DIY summer AC maintenance tasks to keep it operating at its best. Some of these tasks include cleaning the condenser coils, cleaning the air ducts, and examining the wiring for signs of damage. By performing regular tune-up chores, you are setting your HVAC equipment up for success and ensuring your comfort all summer long. For additional tips on how to beat the summer heat and save on energy, check out this blog on more Summer HVAC Tips

Still, DIY tune-ups do not replace preventative maintenance. Our expert HVAC technicians at Green Leaf can inspect and maintain your system and ensure that everything is operating smoothly. We even make it easy and affordable with our maintenance plans. For one price, you get two maintenance visits a year so that our HVAC specialists can ensure that your air handlers are in tip-top condition. With our service, you are saving thousands of dollars in the long run by increasing the life expectancy of your HVAC system —not to mention protecting your peace of mind.

Take action and save green this summer with AC Maintenance from Green Leaf!

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